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No New Posts 'Lenia News

The news of Renatus Sturzregen. The events that are planned by staff which can give you chances as rare species & even money. Site plots that connect the characters together will also alocated here.

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2 2 Time for creation [Event OPEN]
Nov 4, 2017 16:33:41 GMT
No New Posts 'Ilyea Court

Welcome to Renatus Sturzregen. Here is where you will find any important documentation and relics on the world of Azelania. Ranging from the different species to rules of conduct. If any confusing occurs and you wish to ask questions find the staff members and they will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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9 20 [1] Shop
Jun 20, 2018 22:31:19 GMT
No New Posts 'Celestial Library

Old Threads or inactive threads will be moved here.

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2 33 Hello!
by Mitichi
Sept 18, 2017 18:36:35 GMT
No New Posts 'Old Library

Within Rena, theres a celestial library where any ancient documentation is organized and kept for future generations. If any such documentation is needing message a member of staff and they will be brought back to you.

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No New Posts 'High Court

This is where the staff members gather to speak about updates, events and plans for the future of azelania.

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No New Posts 'Quest Log - 1 Viewing

As in all greatness to obtain power and money you must work for the things you want to gain. This is the area where all quests created by staff are located, notice their location and specifications. Some may only be specific factions, races and even random periods of time.

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1 1 /Quest FAQ
Feb 6, 2012 18:13:30 GMT


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No New Posts 'Lysithia

Basking in the bright yet harsh light of the sun a great city of painted white, hues of different colours cover the windows giving each house and building a unique look to it. The city of hope and purity as it’s called cuts off each section of Lysithia through magic walls that separate the commoners from the nobility. Harmonious music can be heard through each section of Lysithia, the sounds blending into one making a beautiful melody echo throughout the kingdom. Chiming of bells can be heard every hour making birds flutter into the sky and hidden creatures show themselves. A kingdom that has seen a previous rule now waits this one, will the queen show the same respect as the previous had? Or will she succeed all expectations placed on her.

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2 65 War and Light [Mitichi]
Nov 17, 2018 23:21:32 GMT


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No New Posts 'Tylal

Small mountains all join together to make an oasis in the middle, free from wars and conflict. Ivy and vines surround the mountains, moss has covered the majority of the stone.Deep in the middle of the oasis is an opening to the ancient civilization from the era before the war. Statues lay on the ground from recent earthquakes, giving this area a daunting aura.Before the entrance of the ruins is a large pointed boulder that has ancient characters carved into it. During the eclipse, it is said mysterious things happen to Azelania, originating from this place.

1 19 Without you~ [Mitichi]
Dec 23, 2018 0:04:53 GMT
No New Posts 'Thysodael Thysaer

Under close inspection, the illusion of a single mountain fades, and the truth can be seen. Two separate mountains on opposite sides block off the wind from entering in between them.Vines and exotic flowers have grown, adapting to the little sunshine there is. A mysterious aura is hidden behind the flowers, and the sound of fluttering can be heard. Butterflies make their appearance in this land, living on the flowers that have been born here.A deep river runs between the mountains providing refreshment for the living creatures here. The flowers are slowly making a canopy between the mountains, transforming the place into a living forest.

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No New Posts 'Palaelol Cor

Fields are covered in flowers as far as the eye can see. The relaxing fragrances can send even the most confused of souls into a sense of calm and serenity.Flowers have grown over the ruins that show signs of a past city. Some say the same people that lived in that city still exist, hiding underground or maybe behind magical barriers.Dandelions seem to make their presence known by covering all the hills in the area.

1 21 Rising of the Sun (Ice)
by Melidas
Feb 6, 2020 17:01:22 GMT
No New Posts 'Lienth

From as far as the eye can see, variations of green play on the scenery. Flowers flourish in the fields, making the few existing animals appear. Bathed in the glory of the yearly weather, Lienth is known for its great crops and even better hunting seasons.Somewhere deep in these fields, hidden behind powerful magic, the royal families play with their cute little pawns. Intruders are welcomed though they may be turned into puppets for play.

1 36 Finding yourself [Mitichi][END]
by Mitichi
Feb 10, 2018 15:43:55 GMT


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No New Posts 'Cursed Ruins of Lerenthia

What used to be one of the strongest kingdoms in history is now found crumbled. Dark crystals and an ominous aura govern this area, which makes any creature hesitant to advance any further than the tall metal gates plastered with ancient old blood.Once a living creature steps into these ruins, a thumping can be heard, a heart beat that can be heard from any distance.That is when the living are taken in by the darkness.

3 36 Lamb caught in a wolf's trap.
by Mitichi
Dec 22, 2018 21:46:30 GMT
No New Posts 'Vorer Val

Once a place where rituals were carried out, it is but an empty field surrounded in a living mist now. It engulfs any light brave enough to venture into its depths.Any creatures that fear the light or wish for freedom gather here in large numbers and hide in the protection of the living mist.

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No New Posts 'Asurain

Once the floating city of the rakuh, now renamed after its decent to the ground. While it's still being rebuilt it's still buzzing with life and colour. Slowly expanding the city so that more people can come here for peace free of discrimination of race or beliefs as long as peace is kept.

At night the lights are always lit and music is played celebrating the birth of a new era of peace.

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No New Posts 'Alaen'ne

An ancient city that was found near the Crestaliz, submerged yet completely untouched.There seems to be a magical shield around it that keeps the water out of the city...

During the nights of Azelania, the ancient city comes to life, lighting the sea that protects the city from intruders.

1 5 Deep Sea [Mitichi]
Nov 18, 2018 12:15:17 GMT
No New Posts 'Crestaliz

The forest has a beautifully diverse set of colors like no other... With flowers that change through the spectrum of the rainbow with no set color, this place can confuse even the most trained of eyes.From fear of death, this forest and the creatures have adapted in a unique way. Crystal coats, protecting their living cores so that no aura can enter their hearts.But even with this ability, Crestaliz is losing its power.

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No New Posts 'Inayia

Large mountains surround the inner crystal paradise, the people that live within the mountains worship the mountains and so have named this place Inaynia meaning the protective shield. The mountains themselves look oridinary, at least the outer side which most will see is covered in green and white where the snow forms at high altitudes. The inner side that touches the crystal paradise has also been creastalized.With this in mind some of the greedy residents of Azelania come to this place to gather the crystals and to destroy the beauty.

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No New Posts 'Teirar Sharaes

Located in the inner most section of Cretaliz is a large crystalized lake that glows during the night. Creatures that live within the crystal lake surface and you are able to meet some of the rarest animals in all of Azelania. Some say voices can be heard during the night around this place. Some think it's the voices of the Crestaliz speaking out to the visitors calling out for help.During the never ending war Crestaliz and this crystal lake have begun to crumble meanign the end of this beautiful place is coming soon.

1 39 Starting with confusion (Ice)[end]
by Mitichi
Oct 14, 2017 13:13:49 GMT


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No New Posts 'A'ler Caverns

Near the thrashing waves and the predatory marine beasts, this is where you will find the most fun.Hidden behind the waves and by the feeding of the crazed animals, caves have been discovered. They seem to all interconnect in a mysterious way, reaching out beneath every city.

1 21 Hear Me Rawr (Ice)
by Melidas
Jan 23, 2019 22:14:03 GMT


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No New Posts 'OOC General

Just joined? Want to share some art? Have any suggestions? This board is right for you

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No New Posts 'Advertisement

Did you find our little corner of the internet through other forums or websites? Want to advertise your own world? Or become one fo few affiliates on our site? Please follow the rules and only advertise within this board.

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3 9 Affiliating here
by Makoto
Aug 20, 2018 2:13:25 GMT


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